The Promise is now in Senate Finance

Calls from Constituents are needed!

SB 319 (identical to HB 4277) is in the Senate Finance Committee and the committee members need to hear from constituents.  Be sure to let them know that you are from their district. Ask them to support equality for homeschoolers applying for the Promise Scholarship. 

SB 319 and HB 4277 eliminate the requirement that homeschoolers take the GED/TASC in order to apply for the Promise Scholarship.  (Click here to read an HSLDA article about two promising students who are being blocked from the Promise scholarship.) 

Contact Info for Senate Finance Committee Members

Committee Member


Capitol Phone

Senator Blair - Chair

(304) 357-7867

Senator Boso - Vice-Chair

(304) 357-7973

Senator Arvon

(304) 357-7831

Senator Boley

(304) 357-7905

Senator Drennan

(304) 357-7901

Senator Facemire

(304) 357-7845

Senator Ferns

(304) 357-7918

Senator Gaunch

(304) 357-7841

Senator Mann

(304) 357-7849

Senator Maroney

(304) 357-7902

Senator Palumbo

(304) 357-7854

Senator Plymale

(304) 357-7937

Senator Prezioso

(304) 357-7961

Senator Stollings

(304) 357-7939

Senator Sypolt

(304) 357-7914

Senator Takubo

(304) 357-7990

Senator Unger

(304) 357-7933


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Legislation in this column is from the 2017 Regular Session

HB435 and HB2650 usurp the rights of parents and children to seek counseling that conforms to their values. These bills violate First Amendment protections of free speech and freedom of religion.

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HB 2702 and SB 528 Equates Home Schooling with Child Abuse.

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SB273 and 2689 are bills that establiish Educational Savings Account Programs. 

Go here to learn more about what these programs are and how they are working in other states. 

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SB24 and HB 2094 are bills that provide tax credits for home school and private school expenses. 
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