Religious Freedom Restoration Act

RFRA Resources

The RFRA and the WV Constitution

Thomas Jefferson is the author of the protections found in the West Virginia Religious Freedom Clause.

House Judiciary Chair John Shott's Testimony

Read the Chairman's testimony in support of the RFRA. 

A Perpetual Haven: Why the Religious Freedom Restoration Act Matters

Learn More.

A graphical presentation of the RFRA.

This graphic provides a clear understanding of the RFRA.

Senator Ed Gaunch's Testimony

Read the Senator's testimony in support of the RFRA.

Delegate Ricky Moye's Testimony

Read the Delegate's testimony in support of the RFRA. 

Delegates speak in support of the RFRA.

Delegate Shaffer, Delegate Azinger and Delegate Fast provide critcal insights.

Senator Edward Kennedy's Testimony

The Senator was passionate in his support of the RFRA.

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Legislation in this column is from the 2017 Regular Session

HB435 and HB2650 usurp the rights of parents and children to seek counseling that conforms to their values. These bills violate First Amendment protections of free speech and freedom of religion.

Read More.

HB 2702 and SB 528 Equates Home Schooling with Child Abuse.

Read More

SB273 and 2689 are bills that establiish Educational Savings Account Programs. 

Go here to learn more about what these programs are and how they are working in other states. 

Watch Video Here

SB24 and HB 2094 are bills that provide tax credits for home school and private school expenses. 
Watch Video Here






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