2017 Regular Session Has Ended

West Virginia Home School Legislation.


Wednesday, April 26, 2017
Governor Justice has vetoed both HB 2196, the Tim Tebow Bill, as well as HB 2589, the home school vocational school bill.

The West Virginia Governor's veto message can be found at the bottom of the Legislative Action page. Just click on the link below.




Vetoed Home School Legislation

HB 2196 - Relating to the secondary schools athletic commission

Bill to allow home school students to participate in Public School Sports Programs
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HB 2589 - Vocational education classes for homeschooled and private schooled


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Dead Pro-Religious Freedom Bills

SB 19 - Creating WV Freedom of Conscience Protection Act   

Sen. Judiciary Committee - Senator Robert Karnes lead sponsor.
Bill protecting Religious Liberty in West Virginia

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HB 3097 - Codifying the application of the compelling interest test and strict scrutiny standard involving rights enumerated under the First Amendment

LEAD SPONSOR: Butler, SPONSORS: Kessinger, Arvon

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Dead Pro-Parental Rights Bills

HB 3049 - West Virginia Counseling Protection Act

LEAD SPONSOR:    Maynard

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SB 596 - West Virginia Counseling Protection Act

LEAD SPONSOR:    Azinger

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Dead Anti-Religious Freedom Bills

HB 2529, and HB 2748 and SB77 turn American jurisprudence on its head by forcing an individual to prove their innocence in court. People of faith will have no defense when their religious practice is challenged by a government regulation. This is why West Virginia needs to pass the RFRA.  

HB 2529 - Adding sexual orientation to the categories covered by the Human Rights Act LEAD SPONSOR: Pushkin, SPONSORS: Walters, Storch, Westfall, Moore, Miley, Williams, Hill, Higginbotham

Current Sponsors and Bill Text

HB 2748 - Prohibiting civil rights violations based on gender identity, or sexual orientation LEAD SPONSOR: Walters, SPONSORS: Lane, Storch, Westfall, Higginbotham, Blair, Hornbuckle, Fluharty, Barrett, Pushkin, Hill

Current Sponsors and Bill Text


HB 2623 - Prohibiting discrimination based upon age or sexual orientation
LEAD SPONSOR: Fleischauer SPONSORS: Pyles, Brewer, Hornbuckle, Byrd, Rowe, Robinson, Blair, Harshbarger, Pethtel


SB 77 - Relating to unlawful discriminatory practices     

Sen. Judiciary Committee
Bill designed to oppose Religious Liberty in West Virginia

LEAD SPONSOR: Palumbo. SPONSOR: Jeffries

Current Sponsors and Bill Text


Dead Anti-Parental Rights Bills

Anti-Parent’s Rights and Religious Liberty

Our primary interest in these identical bills, is the attack they

represent on parental rights.


HB 2650 and SB 435 will prevent a parent from providing professional counseling for a child struggling with homosexuality, unless that counselling will encourage the

child to identify as a homosexual.

Prevents a parent from doing what they know is best for their children.

Demonizes parents who simply want to help their children.
Violates both the first amendment and the basic civil right to choose medical options
by a parent and their child.


HB 2650 - Youth Mental Health Protection Act
LEAD SPONSOR: Shott SPONSORS: Fluharty, Hamilton, Walters, Hill, Lane, Moore, Higginbotham, Westfall, Blair, White

HB 2650 Text


SB 435 - Youth Mental Health Protection Act

LEAD SPONSOR: Weld, SPONSORS: Miller, Ojeda, Palumbo, Takubo, Woelfel, Facemire, Romano (Trump, Swope and Boso asked to be removed as sponors)

SB 435 Text


Dead Anti- Home School Bills

Both of these bills defined home schooloing as child abuse for the purposes of preventing a parent from home schooling their children if they had too many absences in public school. The House Education Committee amended HB 2702 to remove the offending provision, and Senator Mann pulled his support from SB 528 and allowed it to die in his committee. HB 2702 as a bill is active but no longer a threat.


HB 2702 -  Relating to excused absences for personal illness from school. This bill was amended in committee to remove the provison that attacked home schooling.
LEAD SPONSOR:    Westfall SPONSORS: Cooper, Ambler, Wagner, Moye, Atkinson, Marcum, Higginbotham


SB 528 - Establishing process to provide student is ineligible for home school instruction exemption. Chairman Mann decided to withdraw his support of this legislation.  LEAD SPONSOR:    Mann SPONSORS:    Stollings, Romano, Mullins



Dead Home School Legislation

This Session legislation was introduced that would enable private and home school students to receive funding for their education. Watch two brief videos concerning

SB 24 and HB 2094 as well as SB 273 and HB 2689 below:


SB 24 and HB 2094 is legislation that would allow parents to deduct private school and home school educational expenses .

Watch Video Here


SB 273 and HB 2689 is legislation that would allow private and home schools to receive funding that is earmarked by the government for a childs schooling. 

Watch Video Here


SB 24 -Creating education expenses tax credits
LEAD SPONSOR: Karnes SPONSORS: Rucker, Sypolt

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SB 273 - Establishing Education Savings Account Program

LEAD SPONSOR: Karnes SPONSORS: Rucker, Cline, Blair

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HB 2689 - Establish Education Savings Account Program

LEAD SPONSOR: Espinosa SPONSORS: Statler, Wilson, Higginbotham, Blair, Upson

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HB 2094 - Home Instruction Tax Relief Act


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HB 2117 Removing the requirement that homeschooled students have to acquire a GED in order to qualify for the Promise Scholarship.

LEAD SPONSOR: Overington SPONSORS: Rohrbach, Upson, Frich, Foster, G.

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HB 2818 - Prohibiting West Virginia institutions of higher learning and state agencies from discriminating against graduates of private, nonpublic or home schools by requiring them to submit to alternative testing - By Del. Fast, Kessinger, Arvon, Hill, O'Neal and Howell  To Education

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 HB435 and HB2650 usurp the rights of parents and children to seek counseling that conforms to their values. These bills violate First Amendment protections of free speech and freedom of religion.

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HB 2702 and SB 528 Equates Home Schooling with Child Abuse.

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SB273 and 2689 are bills that establiish Educational Savings Account Programs. 

Go here to learn more about what these programs are and how they are working in other states. 

Watch Video Here

SB24 and HB 2094 are bills that provide tax credits for home school and private school expenses. 
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